little greens, big flavours


Micros, Shoots & Mixes

Signature Mixes
Mild Mix
a gourmet blend of mild mustard, broccoli, kale, red cabbage and red beet
Crunchy Mix
a hardy mix of crunchy sunflower, radish and pea shoots to liven up any salad or sandwich
Spicy Mix
a gourmet blend of hot red and green mustards


Red Basil
classic italian basil flavour with a bold and distinct red colour
Hyssop Anise
light green and pink tinged leaves with a licorice-mint flavour
intricate green leaves, elegant and aromatic flavour 
Cinnamon Basil
bright green leaves with sweet, cinnamon flavour
Lemon Balm
finely textured with a distinct lemon flavour
great for dressing up cocktails
striking appearance with unique aromatic parsley flavour
Lemon Basil
brightly coloured green leaves with zesty lemon flavour
eye catching colour with a subtle minty licorice flavour
delicate appeal with a subtle sweet anise flavour
Red Amaranth
striking pinkish red leaves with a mild earthy flavour 
distinct cinnamon/clove flavour. available in red or green 
Garlic Chives
distinct garlic flavour  
Aromatic citrus flavours with intricate leaves 
Red Veined Sorrel
striking leaves with a lemon citrus flavour 
succulent thread-like leaves with mild earthy flavour 
Green Sorrel
light green leaves with bright citrus notes 
succulent leaves with mild melon-cucumber flavour 
Red Radish
crunchy and full flavoured with a peppery finish
Sunflower Shoots
fresh crunchy texture with mild nutty flavour
Pea Shoots
sweet pea flavour with delicate tenrils
also available: leafy pea
Nasturtium Shoots
crunchy and full flavoured with a peppery finish

We are now offering CSA shares for our gourmet microgreens. Enjoy local, nutrient and flavour dense greens and shoots every week and all year.


Whether you’re a home grower, a household gourmet or an entertainer extraordinaire, the finest way to complete a dish is with fresh, live, nutrient and flavor-rich microgreens right from your kitchen counter. With your subscription receive a living flat of vibrant microgreens each week, ready to harvest and elevate any meal, salad or sandwich to the next level. Customize your order with preferred varieties or enjoy a diverse array of crops from tray to tray.


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