Become a BE Grower 

Backyard Edibles turns your backyard (and frontyard) into a thriving, highly productive, sustainable vegetable garden. But you don't lift a finger (unless you want to!)

How Does It Work? 


Do have underutilized growing space? This could include already established garden beds, grass lawns, rooftops, or even greenhouse space. If you think your backyard is a good fit for this project please contact us at or call us at 613-716-7661. 


An initial consult will take place to see if your space meets the plot requirements listed below. BE Growers get the pleasure of enjoying a beautifully kept garden growing all summer long while also receiving an overflowing basket of vegetables each week of the season. 


We are focused and hoping to expand within the Westend area, but anyone is welcome to contact us if they are interested in participating. Especially if you think you have a great growing space! 







Space Requirement Checklist:


The space receives a sufficient amount of sunlight (6-8hrs/day). Some partially shaded spaces may be chosen for shade tolerant crops such as leafy greens. 


A growing space of 30x30 or more is ideal.


Homeowners must let the farm team be aware of any             underground utilities in and around the growing area. 


The farm team must have access to the plot Mon-Fri

during regular work hours. There may be an occasion when we need to water and maintain gardens on weekends and evenings, but we will give advance notice in this case.


Access to an external water faucet.


And hopefully an interest in learning about our project and organic gardening throughout the season!

If you have any questions or would like to book a consult please contact us!



Phone: 613-716-7661

Grower Testimonials...


"We were very pleased and proud to be part of the BBE’s first year. We love the idea of using the yard to expand organic vegetable harvest in the neighbourhood, and to be able to enjoy the bounty from others. And what a harvest. I have been growing vegetables for my family for years, but Madeleine and her team showed me how well it can really be done with some skills, sweat and passion. It was truly impressive and delightful to watch the garden crops evolve over the summer. As a homeowner I found the BBE crew under Madeleine’s leadership to be very professional, respectful and very pleasant to have as partners. There was a good exchange throughout the season, as things evolved and we were very comfortable with how the garden was managed within the context of our private yard. Needless to say we are already signed up for next year. Great work! Our hats are off to the BBE for a great idea, well done.”


Alan and Laura, BBE Growers 2016


"Our family first saw a flyer from Madeleine, asking for landowners to consider lending out their extra garden space for a new initiative in the Britannia neighbourhood. We were very happy to participate. Madeleine is very respectful of our time and space and always left our yard tidy. She produced way more then I could ever do in our garden! We would definitely recommend homeowners who are interested to use Madeleine."


Robyn, BBE Grower 2016