Farming in the city has many benefits to both the community and the urban ecology. It not only creates productive green spaces using resources that would otherwise go to waste, but brings families and communites together, strenghtens the relationship between consumers and producers, and educates citizens who are increasingly removed from food production.

The future of hyper-local food is becoming prominent nation wide, transitioning from the 1000-km diet to the 100-km diet to a 100-metre diet, and it can be found right here in Ottawa. Join the movement and start eating fresh and nutritious food grown from your very neighbourhood today! 


the urban farm

Our farm is anything but typical.


Embedded in the communities it feeds, Backyard Edibles transforms underused residential space into productive market gardens. With clusters of plots

within a given neighbourhood, our farm not only grows fresh, healthy produce but sows positive relationships between people around ideas of community, sustainability and land use. 





Combining her years of hands-on farming experience, his diverse background in community development and a shared passion for hard-work and organic growing, Madeleine Maltby and Matthew Mason-Phillips make a formidable duo dedicated to the principles of sustainable agriculture and devoted to their dream of farming the city.

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